Saturday, July 25, 2015

Movie Review: Take Care (2014)

Take Care (2014)
Starring: Leslie Bibb, Tracee Chimo, Kevin Curtis, Nadia Dajani, Betty Gilpin
Release Date: December 5, 2014
Streaming on Netflix as of July 25, 2015
Rating: 4/5

Summary: After Frannie is involved in a car accident and comes home with a broken arm and leg, she realizes she has no one to take care of her. So, in an act of desperation, she decides to call her ex-boyfriend to help her out.

My Thoughts: This movie takes "in sickness and in health" to an extreme. It's unique because I haven't seen anything like it and quirky, but not in a hipster way and Take Care is slightly, but not too much of a step above most of the romantic comedies I've seen recently. From the two leads who have the most magnetic chemistry to her ex-boyfriends kind-of-crazy, but lovable current girlfriend. 

 After reading the little description, I was a tad put-off by the plot because I didn't know how well it would play out. It surpassed my expectations, especially because it was a shot in the dark and I really had nothing else to do, but I was invested in every aspect of the movie. I originally thought it was too different and would ultimately be complete shit, but it wasn't. And another thing, for it being so different from anything I've seen before, the plot was quite simple and light. I can't really go into details because it would spoil the whole thing, but this movie had a lot of things going for it besides the great leads.

I talked about his girlfriend before and I really enjoyed her presence and although she is supposed to be seen as this annoying harpy who is supposed to be booted out after the first third of the film, but she was different for me. She was actually nice and quite entertaining. 

Another thing was the lightness of it. A lot of rom-coms have this heaviness surrounding it that weighs it down, but this was different. It was sweet, funny and fresh. A flick I highly recommend for a date night, stay in movie day, or if you just want to see a nice movie. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Movie Review: Trainwreck (2015)

 Trainwreck (2015)
Starring: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Lebron James
Release Date: July 17, 2015
Rating: 9/10

Years after having the idea that "monogamy isn't realistic" drilled into her head, Amy has grown up without having any kind of real relationship, but soon a swoon-worthy, sports doctor falls into her life and she realizes maybe, just maybe, this could work out.
My Thoughts: I don't understand when Judd Apatow found me and starting filming my life, but this movie is my life story, just with less of my relationship ideal stemming from my obvious Daddy issues. Anyways, Apatow and Schumer are a force to be reckoned with because Trainwreck is a full-on comedic experience, even though there are times when you forget that Schumer isn't the director, producer, and everything else about this movie. Just the writer and star because there's a little bit of her sparkle in just about everything, but as the movie drifts a bit over 2 hours, you remember Judd Apatow's longer-than-necessary film style because in all honesty, this movie DID NOT have to be that long.(Knocked Up, This is 40, Funny People)

Aside from Amy's overall greatness, the minor characters like Lebron James, who is hilarious as playing himself, Tilda Swanson as her overbearing boss and even John Cena as Stephen, her obviously homosexual friend with benefits made the movie great. It's not just Amy who made the movie what it was, but all those characters and they're one-liners who chugged this train along with Amy as the conductor. 
This Trainwreck was far from being one, but there were a lot of bumps along the way. A lot of the issues I had were the longevity of the film, the kind of sloppy direction and the romantic comedy cliches. Judd Apatow is to blame for the longness of the film, but that's typical Apatow, while the sloppy direction isn't typically him. The jokes, the scenes, the problems going on in Amy's life were a bit all over the place which made for a great movie, but you couldn't help but feel annoyed when things didn't take their final course. And then the cliches, there were a lot of cliches from the crazy dad and "perfect sister" and then the finale in which the girl or guy puts on a big show to win them back. (However, this one was entertaining, I must admit that.)

There's romantic comedies that leave you reflecting your life and there are romantic comedies that leave you chuckling a bit and as you finish watching you put them off as silly. Trainwreck is silly, but its fresh, though provoking and funny as hell. No movie is without its issues, but this one is one where the good overlooks the bad. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Movie Review: The Gallows (2015)

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The Gallows (2015)
Release Date: July 10, 2015
Starring: Ryan Houser, Pfiefer Ross, Ryan Shoos, Cassidy Spilker
Rating: 2/5
Summary: Years after a freak accident involving a student named Charlie accidentally being hung during a play, the school decides to do the play again and hopefully finish it to honor Charlie. However, this creates a shit storm of a cause and effect reaction.
My Thoughts: Putting a trap door on a set where someone is supposed to act out getting hung wasn't a good idea in 19-Whatever. 20 years later, it still isn't. 
Contrary to belief, this movie doesn't in any circumstances involve the #CharlieCharlieChallenge. The directors decided to hop on a bandwagon that conveniently boosted their popularity. The crappy part is that I wanted to see this film because of the connection and I was highly disappointed to see that they weren't related at all. Strike one for the Gallows.
While this movie is the typical paranormal, found-footage type film and I didn't really like anything about it, I did actually enjoy the acting. Most people hated it because they thought it was terrible, but to me, they acted just like teens. This is how teens behave. We carry around cameras 24/7  to record every aspect of our lives, maybe not actual point and shoot cameras, but our phones. The Gallows was engaging to watch, yes, for the acting (although that maybe because I love teen-y, campy movies), but the plot fell flat.
Strike Two: Plot hole City. I had so many questions after leaving the theater? I'm not going to go into specific details, but at one point the main character's father is brought into the story. Not his actual character because it was just a bunch of these teens locked in the school, but he's mentioned and then you're like: "Ooooooooooooooooh." Then it's never mentioned again even though it's central to the plot. And another thing is that if you're going to mention they're parents, introduce them more! During these teen-like movies you tend to forget that they have parents because they're never around and aren't talked about, but if you mention them and they play a huge role in the plot, it would make sense to introduce them, right? Not only that, but the reasoning behind everything is just weak. I didn't comprehend the ending at all and overall, I was left confused. And as I stated beforehand, IF SOMEONE IS ACTING OUT BEING HUNG, YOU WOULD THINK TO BUILD A CLOSED PLATFORM OR JUST NOT HAVE A TRAP DOOR WHERE THEY'RE BEING HUNG, RIGHT? AND YOU WOULD THINK THAT THEY WOULDN'T USE THE SAME SET THE NEXT TIME THEY PUT ON THE PRODUCTION? Or is that just me?  
The lack of explanation and just dumb, obvious goofs in the film just did it for me. But, onto another thing that upset me about the film.
Strike Three. Jump scares. This movie was 95% jump scares and 5% anything other scares. However, during some of those non jump scares, I was actually scared. During one point towards the end, one of the girls was lying on the ground and you see this shadow creeping towards her and I'm grabbing my popcorn bucket like: TURN AROUND. PLEASE. PLEASE. In my opinion, that's a good scare, but because that was like the only time I actually felt fear, I'm going to have to give them another strike. Jump scares are not technically "scares", they're a cop out to make anyone feel startled because they have nothing else going for them. The whole seeing people being hung was creepy, so there's that, but again. It either relied on that or the jump scares, making them very, very cheap.

However, besides the acting and the three times I was scared during the movie, I liked the homage to Sinister towards the end. Charlie or whatever he was supposed to be popped out at the end towards the camera like the creature from Sinister, it was a nice touch, but I would've rather not seen Charlie. Again, it spoiled the movie for me, but the idea of it was a nice touch. 

So, The Gallows was a bit of the same ole, same ole from the horror, paranormal genre and you shouldn't waste your money on seeing this in theater because it isn't worth it. A few nice scares here and there, but nothing about it stands apart from anything we've seen before, so wait for Netflix or even for it to appear on demand. Three strikes and you're out, The Gallows.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL

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Magic Mike XXL (2015)
Starring: Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Boomer, Kevin Nash, Amber Heard
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Rating: 5/5 for HOTNESS, 4.5/5 for Female Fun, 1/5 for Story
Summary: Newly single business owner and former stripper only known as Mike decides to take one last wild ride down to Myrtle Beach with his former coworkers for a stripping convention.

My Thoughts: I felt like a cheated on my boyfriend just by being from watching this movie. So, Magic Mike XXL has always been on my radar since I heard about it and that is mainly because of the shirtless men grinding and dancing and whatnot, but I'm a woman, so this review will probably very biased, but I'm going to try not to sound like a horny teenager.

Magic Mike XXL has some great things about it, mainly those things being Channing Tatum and his hot friends, but it has a lot more not-so-great things about it. One being the terrible way that the story is set up. Mike has been out of the game for three years and supposedly has made his own furniture company? Why? His intentions behind this aren't explained and also the whole situation with Brooke isn't explained until halfway through the movie, so it keeps the audience wondering what has happened during these three years and most of it isn't explained. We're just left in the dark for a lot of the film. Random characters are introduced all over without any explanation aka both Jada Pinkett Smith and Amber Heard's characters. It was a nice surprise to see them, but a huge one that just left me confused on why they were there in the first place because while Smith's character is sort of explained, Heard is just dropped out of nowhere and left to fend for herself as she has no depth or anything. She's just a pretty face and a pretty flat character. And while these new characters are introduced, many from the old film are just dropped such as The Kid and Dallas which is extremely upsetting because I kind Matthew Mcconaughey quite irresistable.

Overall, it's a terrible film that looks as if it was put together by a college student. Not only was this film the home of Plot Hole City, population The Kings of Dallas, but between horrible camera angles and awkward writing. (ie, awkward blurred scenes and you can actually see a smudge in the bottom of the screen from the camera and the fact that the way the guys talked to each other were less like men conversating and more like teenagers having a slumber party.) I almost couldn't take this movie seriously. However, it distracts these mistakes from people watching with amazing dance sequences and Joe Manganiello's butt. When you're watching it all you see is the man candy and you can overlook the movie's terrible quality,and you don't realize how horrible of a movie it was until days after you've thought it over. Because the first movie wasn't this bad, it kind of ruins your perception of the franchise. If the previous film had just been a bad movie, I could forgive this one, but it wasn't so I was disappointed...until Mat Boomer took his shirt off, then all was forgotten...Until people starting talking about whatever nonsense was going on. I was grueling and cringing, aching for the next hot scene because other that that, there was no reason for me still being in the theater.

Magic Mike XXL was bad, enjoyable because I am straight woman who loves ripped men, but bad in just about every other aspect. It would be a fun time going to see this with a bunch of friends at a slumber party or something, but it was a waste of my money seeing at the theaters because I could've had the same enjoyment at home. It was hot, yes, extremely hot, but for the 20 bucks I paid for my friend and I, we could've went to an ACTUAL strip club and had a lot more fun.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Movie Review: Inside Out (2015)

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Inside Out (2015)
Starring: Mindy Kaling, Amy Polher, Bill Hader, Phyllis Smith
Release Date: June 19, 2015
Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger are all emotions who control the mind of a young girl named Riley who moves to San Francisco which leaves her emotions a bit all over the place.

My Thoughts: This movie was fun, unique and just a grand time and I highly recommend it...if you're over the age of 12. As the main character is ten, I feel as if ten year olds who typically go see Disney movies may not grasp the purpose of the movie entirely which would destroy their chances of liking the movie. Disney is suppose to cater towards the younger generation, but lately they've been gravitating towards the older kids and leaving the younger ones behind in the dust. This is one of those instances. This movie isn't like Tangled or the Incredibles, this movie is way more complex than that and it's just the thing that kids won't understand that.

I, on the other hand, loved this movie. It made me feel so much and that's what a Disney film is for, but I haven't been so invested in a movie from Disney since Tangled. But this movie was more realistic, it hit home more because we all have these emotions and it showed how a person feels and what makes them, them. It goes from being this overly happy work, to terribly sad, but then it showed you that sadness is natural, it's okay to be sad and that underlying theme was a sweet one. Again, just not for kids. This movie is receiving a lot of backlash for this depressing undertone because it's meant for kids, but it's life. That's how life is. 

Anyways, go see this. I highly recommend it, just for Christ's sake: DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Movie Review: Unfriended

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Unfriended (Also known as Cybernatural) (2015)
Starring: Shelley Hennig, Courtney Halverson, Renee Oldstead, Heather Sossaman
Release Date: April 17, 2015
Rating: 2.5/5

Summary:  A group of friends join a Skype call and things turn sinister once an account named 'Billie227' joins their call. What they first believe is a mere glitch turns out to be much more once they start receiving threatening messages from a fellow classmate who committed suicide exactly one year ago. 

My Thoughts: Teenagers are complete idiots. Not only am I ashamed to be apart of this generation, I am disappointed that I believed I would actually enjoy this movie. Found footage horror films have been big these past few years and have now gotten to the point where they're plain annoying because we've seen just about everything that can be done from them, however, when I saw the trailer for Unfriended, I was interested because of the way it is shot. It's not apart of the found footage genre because it's told from the screen share option of Skype, so basically it's told from the POV of our main character, Blaire's computer. That was the main reason I saw the movie and it did this well. Very well, actually.

BUT...There is another reason I really wanted to see this film and that it the turnout. I wanted to see if it took the paranormal way or the murder-mystery-teen-whodunnit-horror way and I'm just going to say that it took the spooky, ghostly way and that left me disappointed because I haven't seen a good campy horror film in a while. It's paranormal this, and ghostly that and boo-hoo, "I'm a ghost seeking revenge on some nonsense" that. I just wanted to see something different. I wanted to see some teenager tormenting each of their friends for some sick reason or another that we would find out at the end. But, alas, I was given this. 

Not only was I disappointed in this and also the fact that we weren't notified if it was a ghost or not until basically the end of the movie, but the anti-cyberbullying message it was trying to display was not done well. Unfriended is a horror film with not much depth to it, so it having this "deeeep" underlying message wasn't helping it at all because it seemed to make itself to be a bigger deal than it actually was. It's a very teenage-y movie and it's made to appeal to teens, so I can see why when we're bouncing from Blaire's Facebook to her iMessages with her boyfriend to her Spotify account filled with a bunch of appropriately placed hipster music. I was rolling my eyes at every aspect of the way the teens talked, the way they typed, so basically the whole movie annoyed me, but the thing is, that's how teenagers now-a-days are. I am a teen, so I see it 24/7 at school, at the library and the mall, so that's another thing done very well on their part. It just annoyed me, but that's a personal thing because the teenagers who act like this annoy me. So, I along with anyone above the age of 25, would probably walk out of the theater because of these characters. But like I said, it's the differences in age that separates the people who would actually enjoy this film and those who would hate it. That, and taste. Some people enjoy crappy, campy horror flicks like this and I am one of them, even though it is very sad to say. 

Also, who the hell came up with the name Cybernatural because whoever did needs to pay someone else to name their movies because...What...The...FUCK?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Movie Review: P2 (2007)

P2 (2007) Poster

P2 (2007)
-As Seen on Netflix-
Starring: Wes Bentley, Rachel Nichols, Simon Reynolds
Summary: A young woman turns down a lonely security guard and ends up his prisoner and soon, she's on the run once he's locked them both inside the building's parking garage.

My Thoughts: P2 was great. It doesn't take long for the movie to dive right into the plot and that's what I liked most about the film. Most horror movies take forever to get to the point, but this got straight to the point and only went up from there. While it did have it's down points, what movie doesn't? And for a good 20% of the movie, I did think it was more of a thriller than a horror film, but I was more than half into it, I got the point because it got gory.

At one point, a dog is stabbed and a guy is rammed into a wall by a car. So, it is pretty safe to call this a horror movie. Another notable thing about P2 is the acting. There are only a handful of characters in the movie, but the way the film is set up allows you to really connect with all the ones that are actually there. Take Angela for instance. At first I believed she was an uptight, business executive and 15 minutes later I was cheering and rooting for her to kick the villain's ass. I emphasized with her and I was with her for the long haul. Thomas, our lonely security guard turned psychopath is also one who we see many sides of. I tried to see his side of the dice, I thought he was nice guy and tried to look past the kidnapping and all, but then he had to run a man down and he lost all of my respect after that. However, a movie that can make me feel so much for all these characters and the plot, in my opinion, makes it a good movie. 

I must be honest, I thought it was going to be really bad, but it surpassed my expectations and was a solid, highly underrated horror film.