Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Home Invasion Movies

   Home invasion movies are my favorite kind of horror movies. Why? Because I   feel as if this could actually happen to me. I am absolutely terrified of the       idea of someone breaking into my home and waiting for me there to torture     me. So we're going to talk about home invasion movies today!

                                                         Mother's Day (2010)
I saw this movie about two years ago and I still remember it clearly. This movie scared the shit out of me because it was believable and realistic. I was curled up in my sheets for about three hours after I finished this movie. This is an A+ Home Invasion movie that I highly recommend. You won't be disappointed. It's the same ole, same ole people breaking into the home thing, but the way it plays out is fantastic.

You're Next (2013)

I saw You're Next with my friends for my birthday and I watch it at least once a week. It is a bit silly and typical horror movie-ish, but it's comedic. It isn't scary whatsoever, but it is entertaining, I'll give that to it. What is about is a bunch of family members meeting up for a bit of a reunion and then maniacs in animal masks show up wielding machetes and arrow guns. Basic horror movie home invasion plot, but please, it's different. I promise!

Black Christmas (2006)

Black christmas ver3.jpgThis movie is technically listed as a slasher, but it is also a home invasion movie. I am bending the rules slightly because I adore Black Christmas. I watch it every year around Christmas time and it never seems to get old. Take in mind that this is the 2006 version though. I like it better because it is more typical horror movie, sort of campy, and slightly predictable which is the kind of horror movie I love.

Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room poster.jpgPsychological thriller about a woman and her kid trapped in a panic room while robbers are in the house. WOW! I found this plot unique and different, so that pretty much made the movie for me. Also, Kristen Stewart is in it. What can you not like about Panic Room? It's thrilling, exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It isn't my favorite because there could have been more going on in the movie. They could've stepped it up, in my opinion.

    AND SO HERE WE ARE. Here are my favorite home invasion movies. You         want the best of the best? Well, here you are!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Movie Review: Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Rosemary's Baby (1968)
Starring: Mia Farrow, John Casavettes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer
Summary: When Rosemary and her husband, Guy, move into a new apartment their new neighbors seem the bee's knees. Soon, Rosemary becomes pregnant and all is not well with things across the hall (or upstairs, I forget where they live.)

My Thoughts: I constantly hear about Rosemary's Baby and I would never get the references, but now I have finally seen it and boy, am I glad I did. This movie was a basket of fun! It isn't scary nor is it going to make you jump out of your seat, but it is very creepy. It's a traditional, old-school whimsical horror movie. It's more of a thriller than a horror movie, but also, it's a cinematic masterpiece! You're thinking and feeling all these feelings throughout the movie and you don't want to believe what's happened, but it is. It's happening.

While I haven't read the book (But I ordered it soon after finishing the movie), it has a plot and a story that's gripping and I was intrigued to the very end. While, the acting could have been a bit more realistic, keep in mind that this is according to today's standards. Since this movie was released a while ago, I guess that can make up for the weirdness of the acting. It's living up to long ago's standards and that's how people lived. 

Another wonderful thing is Rosemary or Mia Farrow. She was a ray of sunshine placed in a living hell. She's a classic and makes her role believable. She goes from an everyday woman, to a doe-eyed naive teenager to insane pregnant woman without so much as batting an eyelash and you're feeling for her at all times. Her neighbors were also great as well, being sweet and sinister all at the same time. You wouldn't expect these old people who are so damn sweet to be...so...evil. 

Rosemary's Baby is unnerving, it's eerie, it's creepy and I loved every single minute of it. 

(Haunt-Ober will continue tomorrow, I just wanted to get this out.)

Friday, October 24, 2014

HAUNTOVER Begins! Top Five Classic Horror Movies!

      The month we all know an love is here and no, I do not mean, December.       It's October because then you know one thing is coming: Halloween!               Halloween is one of my favorite months and I am not saying this because I     like to dress up as a sexy nurse or a sexy cop and parading around the           neighborhood nor do I enjoy adding 'spooky' to my Twitter @ name. I enjoy     all the creepy movies that are going to be released and going out with my
    friends and watching them. 

    Most websites go over and over every year in October about which movies       are the best of the best and they're usually titled: TOP FIVE HORROR 
    MOVIES OF ALL TIME. I shouldn't talk like that though because I am sort of
    doing the same, but each day I will TRY to come up with some sort of  
    genre of horror and list what movies are good. By different genres I mean:
    psychological thrillers, super gory horror, paranormal horror, home invasion
    horror, etc, etc. And so in the coming days, I will actually be posting every
    To begin, we will talk about the classic horror movies that made you fear 
    life itself when you were a kid. They are from just about every genre of           horror and these were the movies movies that made me check under the
    bed at night, but remember, this is my opinion. Not, feel free to disagree
    or not, but here, we go.

Scream movie poster.jpg
    1.  Scream (1996)
We all know Scream. Well, let's hope we all know about Scream, but for those who do not: It is about a girl who's mother was recently murdered who is surrounded in a town where people are being killed left and right. I find this to be one of my favorite classic horror movies not only because it's entertaining, but its is genuinely one of the only movies I know to make fun of the genre while still being actually entertaining. It knows who the audience is and appeals to those who just want to see a scary movie and those who want to see a GOOD scary movie.
Happy birthday to me.jpg

2. Happy Birthday To You (1981)
I know I am going to mention this movie again for another segment, but I really enjoy this movie. Most people haven't seen it, but this is a classic slasher movie. It's campy and has a great horrific atmosphere, but I must admit that it is a bit silly. But it was made in 1981, so I have to give it some slack. The movie starts off great though, and it just keeps going and going until the very end. The end, I must say, is fucking crazy. Well, written and rounded. It's a must see for Halloween.
3. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Long ago, I saw this movie and it stuck with me. It was one of the first movies I saw that dealt with the premise of "reality" vs "daydream" and that was interesting. Freddy has become a character I know and movie throughout the years because he's witty, he's creepy, but at the same time, I want to give him a big hug. His character is so in depth and intriguing and he is one of the first horror figures to do that, which is why I consider this to be a classic. However, it does have many problems which is why it isn't higher on the list.

Poltergeistposter.jpg4. Poltergeist (1982)
Poltergeist was one of the first "ghostly" movies I saw and my favorite thing about it is that it is so simple. There's not much to the movie, just a family in a house and crazy shit starts happening, which sounds so been-there-done-that, but this movie does that plot well. The acting, the lighting, the story, it is all great, but ghost movies are really my thing, but if you enjoy these kinds of movie. I encourage you. Go see this!

Friday the thirteenth movie poster.jpg5. Friday the 13th (1980)
No matter how many movies featuring this guy come out, I will forever watch them. This one is a must watch for Halloween because IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH! Jason Voorhees is a great character, but I must say he is a whiny little thing. I mean, it's upsetting he died, but to kill generations upon generations of kids at a summer camp. I mean, seriously, can someone say, "Issues!"

    I think that will be all from me about classic horror for the day and so, have    great day/night. Wherever you are!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Review: Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)
Directed By: David Fincher  
Starring: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry
Summary: When a man's wife goes missing he becomes the prime suspect in the case and the question is: Did he kill his wife? Or not?

My Thoughts: This was a great fucking movie. I love a thriller, BUT THIS...THIS WAS JUST...I cannot even describe how great this movie was, but for the purpose of this review, I will. 
First off, I have never read the book that this movie is based off of, so I wasn't really expecting everything that was going to happen. This movie was like a roller coaster, going from a low, down point, to high, intense action and then to a median that's okay, then HIGH AS A FUCKING KITE WITH ACTION. You're tossed and turned into whatever is being thrown at the characters and believe me, it's good stuff.

The great part is that every second isn't just BOOM! Suspense. BOOM! There's some down time to keep you into the movie and I find that utterly satisfying. It was well done and a great thriller, which you don't see all the time. Well, you don't see it at theaters all the time. It was graphically pleasing as well as pleasing story-wise. I loved the way they changed the days. For example, as the days go by text would appear in the corner saying: Three Days Gone or something along those lines. Call me weird, but I liked that. 

One thing I have to mention is Rosamund Pike. Someone give this woman an Oscar right now because her performance was stunning. Don't get me wrong, Ben Affleck was great, but this was a bit same-ole-same-ole for me. She had me all over the place. At one point I hated her guts and the next I was rooting for me. Another interesting factor was Tyler Perry. He was surprisingly refreshing in this movie. He was funny and believable and I have a bit more respect for him. AS AN ACTOR, NOT A DIRECTOR BECAUSE I DETEST HIS MOVIES. Just a personal opinion, sorry.

Well, anyways, Gone Girl....Grab your friends, your family (younger people should probably stay away though) and go check out Gone Girl in theaters.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Movie Review: Girl Most Likely (2013)

Girl Most Likely (2013)
Starring: Matt Dillon, Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening, Darren Criss, Natasha Lyonne
Summary: A washed up playwright is trying to get her life together. (But it's Kristen Wiig, I mean, that's all that needs to be said.)

My Thoughts: This movie is a delight! I'd been waiting to see this movie for a while and soon after so much time of me waiting for it to appear on Netflix, I forgot about it and then there it is! It popped out of no where and it was just wonderful! The writing is quirky, yet powerful and the characters were just so relatable and they grew on me even though I knew basically nothing about them except well, Kristen Wiig's character because she's the main character.

Another aspect to this movie I liked was the story. It did had a lot going on and I liked the characters much more than I cared for the story. They were all so out of the box and outgoing that it made the movie all the more enjoyable. It was also great to see Darren Criss in something not Glee-related. Although he did sing, but I don't think it would be a real movie with him in it if he DIDN'T sing. 

So, overrall, great movie. Fresh and definitely worth watching! This movie is smart and left me with a smile once I was done, so I highly recommend it for a nice night in.